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Web Hosting Extras
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Additional Disk Space

As you add functionality and sophistication to your Web site, you may eventually need more server space on which to store Email, archives, surveys, and more. At anytime you can choice to increase your storage limits or simply upgrade your hosting package to one that has the space allowance you require.

Item: 500MB of Additional Disk SpaceGet Extra Web Space Now!
Monthly Fee: $25.95

Additional Monthly Traffic

As your web site grows in popularity, you'll notice an increase amount of traffic. All our hosting plans include ample amounts of both space and traffic, To help you handle more visitors, Langnetic can provide you or your business with more bandwidth at very reasonable rates.

All hosting package include ample space and traffic, but if you do exceed the amount of traffic allotted for your package, your will be notified via E-mail. You can then either choice to add additional traffic allowance on a temporary bases or permanently increase the limit on your plan.

Item: 5GB of Additional TrafficOrder Additional Traffic!
Monthly Fee: $40.95

Additional Email POP Boxes

Adding mailboxes to your web hosting package is easy and affordable. These mailboxes are in addition to the number of mailboxes that your Web Hosting package already includes.
Item: 10 Extra MailboxesOrder Additional Email Accounts!
Monthly Fee: $4.95

Domain Aliases (.com, .net, .biz, .us, and .ca)

Domain Aliases allows you to redirect multiple domains to drive traffic to your primary web site. For example, if a customer types in or, he or she will automatically be redirected to
Item: 5 Domain AliasesOrder Domain Aliases!
Monthly Fee: $4.95

Additional Domain

Adding an additional Domain allows you to host multiple sites from your single package. Each website will share the same web space, traffic and control panel. But each domain functions as its own web site; with there own email address, ftp and live statistics.
Item: 1 Additional Domain, 2 Additional FTP accounts Order Additional Domains!
Monthly Fee: $5.95

Additional MySQL Database

Combining a database with a web site is one of the best ways to create a highly sophisticated web site. In fact, the power and flexibility offered by integrating a database with a web site is the foundation for today's most popular web sites.

The reason why a database driven web site is so powerful is because the entire web site can be easily updated with new content as frequently as desired. It is even possible to customize a web site for each individual visitor. All major search engines, portal web sites, and news web sites use a database driven web site design in order to provide you with new content on an ongoing basis.

Item: 2 Additional MySQL DatabasesOrder Additional MySQL Databases!
Monthly Fee: $4.95

Additional MS SQL Database

MS SQL Database is Microsoft's SQL database solution. MS SQL is a professional's database and its speed, scalability, ease of use and features out-way and out performs its competition in all aspects.
Item: 1 Additional MSSQL DatabaseOrder MS SQL Database!
Monthly Fee: $34.95
Setup Fee: $15.00

SSL Certificate

An SSL is required to provide a secure encrypted connection between your customers from your web site. You may require this if you are dealing with sensitive data like credit card information. Although all e-commerce sites use or should use an SSL connection to protect there customers, not everyone requires there own SSL certificate. Many payment gateways like 2CheckOut or VeriSign offer a shared SSL certificate at a huge savings.
Contact support@langnetic to purchase an SSL Certificate (price is subject to change without notice)

Item: SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP address 
Yearly Fee: $244.95
Setup Fee: $60.00

You can request additional or custom add-ons for you account not listed here or combine multiple extra features into one simple invoice by emailing your request to
Support will create the package you request and send you a link where you can confirm and purchase your custom package.

Save 10% on all custom packages when you combine 3 or more extra features.

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