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Main Features
Web hosting web space is the amount of space you are allocated on the server's hard disk drive. Web Space (MB) 50 100 150 200 300 800
Data transfer is the amount of data that is transfered between the web hosts servers and the site visitors. Data Transfer (MB) 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 10000
This is the number of ftp account you can create on your hosting package. Each ftp account can restrict different users to different sections of your web space. FTP Accounts 1 2 5 20 20 50
Ever web hosting package includes access to your very own control pannel where you can manage your website and package details. Control Panel
  Operation System Win2K Win2K Win2K Win2K Win2K Win2K
Langnetic's ultra fast web hosting servers are fully backed up every night. Regular Backups
  File Manager
Custom error pages allow you to generate your own website HTTP error message. Custom Error Pages
  MIME Type Editor      
E-Mail Features
POP3 email is the most popular form of email of recieving email and is include with all of Langnetic's web hosting packages! POP3 E-mail Accounts 5 10 15 25 50 100
Every Website hosting package include access to Langnetic webmail system. Allowing you to check you mail from any computer connected to the Internet. Web Based E-mail
Both starter packages and professional business packages allow you to forward your e-mail to another address. E-mail Forwarding
Thought the web host control pannel, you can create email alias. MRA Lists
Catch all e-mail address allow you to capture any email sent to you web site domain that dosn't match an address that you have created.  This can easily be setup thought your web site control pannel. Catch All E-mail Account
Supported Technologies
Active Server Pages: ASP Hosting allows you to combine HTML, scripts and web server components to create web-based solutions. ASP
FrontPage 2002 Web Server Extenstions allow you to use a visual web design tool to program and design your website. FrontPage 2000 Extensions
ASP hosting gives you access to a rich collection of Microsoft mswc components to help create your web site. Microsoft MSWC components
Include in your asp hosting package is access to many third party web components, like ASPMail, ASPImage, ASPUpload and many more. Third party components
A cgi-bin is a place you can place your own custom CGI scripts. CGI scripts are used for accomplish task which basic HTML can't support. CGI
Langnetic website hosting offers Perl support.  Perl is a programming language well-suited for the Internet. Perl
PHP hosting is simular to ASP hosting.  PHP is a c style language allowing web developers to write dynamic webpages. PHP
XML partners very well with ASP and ASP.NET which is why all of Langnetic's web hosting packages that feature asp hosting or ASP.NET hosting also are XML friendly. XML
Langnetic does offer many professional packages that are WAP enabled. WAP Enabled
All of our beginner and business class hosting packages support Flash web development. Flash Enabled
SSI is a powerfull command or directive based web site tool.  Both our beginner and business class hosting packages support Server Side Include. SSI
The global.asa file allows you to add code in a asp enabled site that will automatically execute for various events. Global.asa support
ADO is the interface used in ASP to access databases.  All ASP and ASP.NET hosting packages allow ADO usage. ADO
MS Access is a type of database.  You can create an Access database using the control pannel included in your hosting package. MS Access
  My SQL Database 1 1 1 5 5 10
Domain Type
Domain names are used to identify your website on the internet.  All of our packages allow you use your domain name registered in any country and registered with any company. Domains 1 1 1 2 3 4
Sub-Domains are the www part of your domain name.  For example '' hosting is a sub domain. Sub Domains   5 10 15 20 50
  Domain Aliases     1 2 5 5
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